Thursday, March 15, 2007

a wonderfull me..

well tue nitez.. meet up wif my jie.. at tm keke..
well we went to buy dog food for ice n bell bell.. keke.. muz realli get to see ice n bellbell man.. =(
after tt mi n sis went to eat.. n saw my real blood sis at there too haha...

after eat... jie go buy food for rouwei cos she's hungry.. haha den she went hm ard 8+ n mi waited for yh at hm cos we goin out...

alamak alone like gonggong lidat wait haiz.. after tt mi n yh took mrt to carls n meet up wif daosong paulyn n desmond.. haha nice drinking n singing over there.. after tt we headed to the-one to sing songs.. haha alot of fun man haha...

rot at hm is so damn bored... i miss u again ger.. =)


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