Sunday, December 24, 2006

moody dae..

yes.. todae slp at 10am in the morning cos ytd guard duty nv slp at all omg cant fall to slp man.. reach hm ard 9+ den online awhile jiu go slp le.. slp till 5+ mund bombing my fone ask mi wake up haha so tired u noe.. but gt to go buy present la..

we went to east point.. becos tm my sis sae damn alot of ppl.. we bought our tings le.. aiyo.. east point is the same.. so sian de the feeling when goin there... n saw a shop call 101 station.. haha last time my working place.. saw my ex boss n chatted wif him for awhile

after tt meet kl at east point mrt.. we went back to tampines 201 cos helping vincent buy cigg... ok den went back to mund's hs haha so mani ppl.. mayb becos xmas celebration?? we had steamboat..

sian.. actually when she told mi she canot confirm tml meeting mi anot.. im down n disappointed.. becos i tot i sae i book u on sun nitez le.. haiz.. hoping tml u will gif mi gd news


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