Saturday, March 10, 2007


wow ord le.. todae woke up 6.30 meet nic downstair at 7.20am.. got into the cab nic ask mi gt bring FFI letter anot.. OMG.! i 4got to bring.. den bobian no ffl canot get back my pink I.C den i went hm n take n took cab alone to camp omg xiong ar.. expensive man... reach hm ard 8.10am.. 9am went to listen to resevist tok.. alamak took 2 hrs sia.. aiyo...

after the tok went back to company line to sign n collect pink I.C haha omg the feeling is song real song!!!! 2years nv get to see my I.C wow!!! i love it man.. after collect our I.C we walk out of the camp so happily.. haha no more back to camp.. n our resevist is in 2009 2 years time haha.. 742 sir one haha no more 2 sir hahaha... took cab back to home.. canot tahan went to slp at 3am till 7+ vincent woke mi up ask mi go buy cigg n pa billiard haha.. ply untill no moodd cos mi n vinent no form at all!! WE PLY 3 ROUND in the end end our games n see ppl ply.. omg vincent frenz.. wow he is kan zhun his billiard.. dunoe when den i can reaches tt stage hahaha

ok la.. i had ord.. another stages of my life started =)


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