Monday, December 25, 2006

a happy xmas for me

okok.. juz got hm not long ago.. farking tired n slply.. but sumone haven reach hm ask mi how to slp..
ok went for my soccer earli in the morning.. wow slp for 3 hrs nia till nw haven slp leh.. close to 24hrs not slping le... eyes r getting heavier n tired.. after my soccer.. meeet up wif vincent for our billiards session... haha as usuall lose to him.. ply till ard 4+ mi went to mund hs first... help him style hair n style my own hair too.. leave his hs ard 6.. took cab to sengkang fetch kl first after tt headed to bugis.. went to watch movie at 7.20.. we are late haha.. the movie already started when we get in.. veri funi show laugh till PENG!! haha
den after out movie we went v8 eat.. aiyo.. so ex sia their food...
after out dinner.. we headed to east coast.. haha had our xmas count down at there.. not a bad one... but ard 12+ we decided to go *mDm wOng* orh nw i noe the new mdm wong is beside momo.. last time is *cube* eee.. mdm wong sucks!! dun like their music.. yucks..*!!! pui!
haha ya tt's how i spend my xmas.. a veri happy one n i got myself the best present... gd nitez


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