Sunday, January 28, 2007

hoho im back after soo long

hahaha.. gt ppl complain y i nv update my blog.. ok realli been a long time since i updated.. cos kinda lazy la haha..

getting not bad tis few wks.. goin to ord real soon i can sae.. but tis wk gt poi at other camp till feb 13 den after tt clear leave till ord hahaha orh orh.. meaning left a few daes of working dae?? haha yeah!!! n chinese new year cumming soon too.. gt hong bao liao wahahah..

ok n one tis.. frm last thur nitez i haf been drinking till last nitez.. kaoz.. drink for 3 daes
??? omg... ok ytd went to cyn baby ger full month.. after tt mi n andrew went safra for billiards.. haha den after tt went tampines s11 to haf our meals... n we headed to fisherman.. haha

ya 4get to add.. singapore is into the final liao haha hoho...

ok la stop here first.. will update again


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