Wednesday, February 21, 2007

a nice meet up wif my long lost buddy haha

yoz.. im here again.. ok.. todae woke up at 1+ haha vincent frm 11am called my hp to wake mi up but i told him i canot wake up too tired... he sae ok loh den 1+ he called again n i woke up haha still feeling damn tired but bobian la he jio mi go pa billiard... ok mund oso cum along after tt andrew jio us too.. we ply num ball.. haha

after our game i go up to mund hs.. see my dad they all ply mahjong.. haha.. ok fall a slp at his hs till 10+ omg i ting i slp for 4hrs sia.. haha din even noe it..

after tt reach hm ard 11 den my buddy jasmine msg mi in msn haha.. guess wat we meet up man.. omg so long din see her le g 2 years le ba?? haha den went to her house downstair to wait for her.. we go mac to sit haha cos she hungry.. den we chatted non stop man.. omg.. realli nice feeling when meeting wif the one u noe hu lose in touch wif u for quite long? haha she's goin genting during march n mi n mund they all oso planing goin together haha can join them man.. we might be goin together la.. hopefully yes.. haha

nice meeting up wif u my budds.. keke.. see u again keke..


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