Wednesday, February 14, 2007

hAppY vAlentine

yoz.. everyone gt miss me?? wonder hu still reading my blog cos it has been a long long time since i updated haha.. ok.. todae book out frm camp at 12 den went NEE SOON CAMP for my dental FFI... after tt took cab went home.. reach hm as usual online slack all tis.. till andrew ride bike to fetch mi go tamp 400+ go make my spec.. haha after tt went 445 eat.. den we will tinging wat to do.. after tt we decided to go katong n haf billiards haha.. sian bo tis year v dae no gers.. but seriously is ok la spend it wif my bros.. haha not a bad one u see haha..

yeah indeed goin to ord soon in 3wks time??? chinese new year is juz ard the corner... ang bao i cum find u le hahaha... yeah will try to update more often haha


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