Monday, December 18, 2006

a fun n happy me

yes... on sat... mi mund n kl n andrew went into jb cos mund sae kl wan go inside eat seafood... yeah mi n mund took bus to ds hs first help him take bus port cos he's working at wooland.. ok after tt took bus 168 to wooland n meet kl n andrew.. after we reach we pass the passport to ds.. he sae he might join us after tt..
ok mi kl andrew desmund went in first.. inside malaysia.. andrew sae he go hm first put tings n bath.. den mi kl n mund go city square... shop shop.. haha as usual when ever we enter into malaysia we will sae abt the tings tt happan to mi andrew n mund during last year chinese new year.. haha we kana robbed!!!
ok i bought myself a shoe tt cost 59.80rm tt is less den 30sg dollars haha i love tt shoe alot.. ok after tt andrew meet us at city square ard 8+ den ds sae he cumming in... we meet up ard 9 lidat.. n we cont our shopping we went into a shop tt sell alot of cute n nice tings... i decided i will make my room nice nice after i ord.. hee.. city square gt alot of tings to shop haha wait till i gt enuff money i will go in n shop again haha.. ok
after tt mi n andrew took one cab, desmund kailian daosong took one cab we went to ta ma hua yuan to haf out seafoods haha.. as usual we went to the same place to eat.. haha damn farking cheap each person oni 10+ sg dollars.. omg eat till farking full.. haha guess wat i make drop 8 sticks of satay hahahaha =x
after we eat.. we took pte car all the wae back to our hs downstair each person 10bucks realli veri worth it haha.. actually wanan go carls but too late liao la dunoe y ds so gian to go ytd haha

ok todae..
woke up ard 2+ den 4+ went to mund hs cos wana see jiawen.. =( todae she cried alot.. first time i see her cry so much.. kelian my heart oso pain n ache when i see her cry alot... jiawen i noe ur hand pain pain.. but bear wif it ok a few daes ok liao.. saryang ni.. muack ni... ok after tt went 201 eat wif desmund but we had no appetite n we juz haf a cup of kopi O n kopi.. den waiting for andrew to reach hm cos we wanan go pun at tanjong pagar..
actually mi n mund sae we go tampines srafa n pa billiards first but when i reach hm mund sae his dad n his bro quarrel so he wait for his dad to slp first den he cum out.. we meet up ard 11pm den mi mund n andrew took cab to meet ds at pub...
oni awhile n mund sae he goin hm becos he gt sumting on..
den mi ds n andrew stay there till 1am + haha n nw i got hm le..

chatted wif jy in msn.. at first saw her nick in msn i'm moody tot she haven 4get her ex.. but i dunoe.. hee but when i wanang out tt time she told mi canot go noe ger hee.. n im happy wonder if u r looking at my blog.. jiaying i miss u


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