Saturday, March 24, 2007

a fri nitez..

ok.. woke up at 12+ cos goin for interview at poh heng.. wahaha guess wat?? i gt the job!! but sad to sae.. start work on nxt tue.. omg.. muz wear tie eee. er xin cham haiz.. ok nvm i still gt tis wk end to enjoy haha

ok meet up wif andrew.. we went over to ds hs downstair to eat haha after tt went up his hs awhile.. ok.. ard 10= andrew longpang mi back home.. n i change clothes.. n we headed to lollipop pub haha.. not bad but aiyo.. a group of ah beng ah lian started to fight kaoz.. long time nv see ah lian n ah lian fight le todae i saw it hahaha.. damn funi... izit becos i grow up le.. when i see when i started to saw the last time of mi.. totally the same as them?? izit after ns u will start to ting??? i guess soo... ok went to lollipop wif andrew x andrew haha 2 andrew we had.. paulyn kenji yonghao n daosong haha...

was there till nearly closed den they started to fight haha funi haha... ok la nw 7am le.. omg haha.. hope everyting went smoothly for mi during work haha


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