Friday, December 15, 2006

genting trip dec10-dec13

wow.. sun morning went to genting.. haha.. took bus at golden mile wif my dad after tt meet up wif digu they all at genting.. omg on the wae to genting i slp all the wae haha.. becos tt nitez i nv slp haha..

ok first reach 1st world hotel.. after tt check in... den we went jalan jalan first.. nth much n not tt cold either so abit sian huh damn it.. we at genting for one nitez..

the nxt dae we headed to kl berjaya time square hotel.. omg our hotel room so big.. is damn big like vip rooom.. in my life i nv stay in such big hotel b4 hahaa
orh ya 4get to add.. at genting i went to casino n is my FIRST TIME enter into casino ok haha.. wow n guess wat i won 140rm hahaa not bad liao loh...
ok back to kl.. kl nth much juz shopping.. n we went to SUNWAY LAGOON haha not tt fun oso la quite disappointed.. nth diff frm singapore de.. over all tis trip i had okok nia juz for mi to relax as long time i nv go out of singapore for holidae liao haha..

aiya i lazy to write liao la.. haha


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