Monday, December 04, 2006

nice sundae nitez..

  1. yeah.. todae went for soccer.. omg is raining n we r still kicking in the rain haha.. was quite fun quite long time no kick in the rain le.. haha..
  2. after soccer went back hm.. frm dunoe wat time slp till 6+ omg.. haha din even noe is 6+ le.. im like a pig haha.. wake up.. go to mund's hs ( arh again!?? ) haha yes again went to mund's hs cos wanan online n see jiawen haha aiyo...n ahma they all again mahjong.. ahma 2 daes lose quite alot aiyo..
  3. ok went dinner wif desmund n kalian at sengkang.. after tt mund send kl home n i go back to mund hs first cos my bicycle at munds place..n stay his hs till 1+ den cum back..
  4. chatted wif jiaying again in msn.. dunoe y the feeling is nice when chatting wif her.. realli.. she can realli make mi smile n i can make her smile too.. haha u sae de leh if i prove to u.. but how am i goin to prove to u man haha.. wish mi luck huh keke..


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