Saturday, December 02, 2006

mahjong nitez

hoho.. ytd went ktv wif shirley alone hahaha we gt so bo liao ma?? went to chai chee ktv wor.. haha.. we frm noon kpkb sae sian till at nitez 11+ we took cab down.. actually wanan go wif daosong they all but they so mani ppl.. n they go loyang ktv party world quite ex so mi n shirley go chai chee de haha.. sing till 2am we went to our fav place 445 haha.. gt daosong mi shirley daorong daoshan his sis beehian n her bro.. n jonathon haha.. still till 4+ sia.. tok alot of cock wif jon omg he's realli a joker u see... haha.. n one ting beehian brother they realli look alike omg haha!!
ok todae woke up by my sms omg kailian msg mi ask mi wat i doin i tot is mund using her hp to sms me.. but kl ask mi wan go vivo anot haha omg so far oso quite lazy n gt no money go out quite lazy hahaha but hu noes?? juz nw i went wif my family n digu they all!! haha kl sorry la cos go wif my family i dun nid spend money n gt car hahahaha.. paiseh =x.. so boliao huh.. whole dae at mund's place.. n after vivo im at his place again haha cos they plying mahjong..
went vivo den i sms lynn.. hu noes she's working at vivo citychain haha.. vincent went into citychain wif zhen zhen.. actually i wanan go in wif them de but end up i decided to go out haf smoke after my dinner haha.. n lynn told mi she like saw my family saw my cousin wife n yes.. is zhenzhen haha wow.. i wear so ugly go in oso paiseh haha...
ok.. waiting for my man u match at 1.15am.. still gt 2 more hrs.. sian... haha


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