Thursday, November 30, 2006


wow.. ytd book out haha off till nxt year!! omg!! wat to do?? but dec 22 goin back to do guard duty nabei sian bu sian??

haha todae woke up at 1+ haha den went to my ah ma hs... digu cum fetch us.. reach there i on com.. cos my sis took her com to sch!! omg.. cant live without com u see?? hee den after tt they started their mahjong.. chatted wif jie awhile in msn.. but seems like mi n her not tt close like last time? erm.. i realli dunoe...

okok.. den baobao jiawen omg she fall to slp real fast... n when she awake the first ting she do is smile at me!! omg melts!!!! haha she's so cute.. jiawen u muz rmb tis uncle ping hor haha... will show u tis blog when u grow up:p

reach hm ard 8+ watched superstar... so bored.. no where to go n no ppl!!! i wan go out man!!! but kinda slply nw haha omg it's oni 11+ n im slply :p


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