Saturday, December 02, 2006

arh fed up!!!

fark1!! cb i wrote so much yet hang knn dulan..
ok.. lazy to write so long ago haiz.. ytd went ktv wif shirley at chai chee ktv.. haha actually wana go wif ds they all but they so mani ppl haha... after our ktv end at 2am we went to 445 haha.. gt mi shirley daosong daoshan daorong n his sis.. beehian n his bro.. omg beehian brother they realli look alike haha..
todae woke up by my sms.. kl sms mi ask mi wan go vivo anot haha.. i gt no money n oso abit lazy to go la.. so far keke.. but u noe wat?? i went vivo wif my family n digu they all.. haha juz reach hm not long ago.. sorry la kl haha go vivo juz nw gt car n go wif family i dun nid spend money hahaha =x ok.. vivo is realli big.. n the carpark is so pack.. omg.. gt no place to park the car... went to eat at vivo is expensive..
haiz.. nw at mund's hs again.. damn it y everydae stuck his hs huh.. i nid a gf!!! haha
waiting for my man u match later hee


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