Saturday, November 25, 2006

tiring friday..

wow.. first i woke up at 1030 earli tis morning cos vincent called me.. haha ytd nitez he msg mi sae todae pa num wif ah huat...

ok so we went to sarfa n haf our billiards... ply two games of colour ball wif him.. n later on he join his frenz ply num ball.. n i stand there the whole afternoon to watch him ply.. but too bad haiz.. suay he lose 50bucks.. sian..

ard 6pm we went off to ah ma hs... keke first ting i do is wash my hand n bao jiawen.. omg.. she's juz tt cute.. love to see her smile.. haha ok had our dinner at there too... after tt headed to vin's hs again they cont their mahjong.. omg.. imagine afternoon i stand whole dae juz to watch themm ply num.. n at nitez im watching them plying mahjong again haha.. buay tahan ar... haha they finish they game at ard 2+ n mund's send my ah ma n aunty home.. juz got back hm is kinda tired.. goin to koon soon.. haha

tml andrew cumming back tamp.. he ask us go steamboat but i bet no one goin la huh haha mund told mi he canot go exam cumming haha...n den i gt no money so i dun ting i goin la huh haha.. gd luck andrew u cum back at the wrong time haha..


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