Monday, November 27, 2006

is me again

my sis my cousin n me haha
desmund & mE!

well.. todae's monday goin back camp tonitez haiz.. sian bo haha!

sat meet andrew n eugene at 445 in the afternoon haha.. actually kinda boliao huh andrew haha when u cum back no ppl wanan go ply haha.. no worries la there's chance haha..

ytd morning went to kick soccer haha.. but when goin hm time vincent realised his marry ring gone.. he look gan chiong.. so digu uncle ah tat mi kelvin went back to find but no luck we cant find it.. after vin reach hm his family went back to find the ring n in the end my mum's found it!! haha wow.. lihai huh my mummy...

ok after tt in the evening went to sentosa for my cousin wedding dinner... nice place... looking at ppl getting marry sumhow my heart does ache.. we haf fun there drink beer eat tok cock all tis n not 4getting about taking photo's haha
still got lots of pic will upload soon hee.. orh ya saw ah zhen my cosuin.. reali 10 over years din saw her le.. but i still can rmb her face.. she dunoe us le ba.. sad to sae tt we haf a cousin but she dunoe abt us.. haiz...
went back ard 10+ mi went to munds hs cos wanna watch man u match.. haiz.. a draw for man u n chelsea.. sad case... but nice match aniwae hee..


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