Sunday, November 05, 2006

i miSs my gReenie

aiyo.. suddenly so miss my greenie ( my arowana long yu )
miss keeping arowana.. gona buy a new one n keep le...

ok todae woke up ard 1pm.. den online till evening time.. after tt cycle to mund's hs cos wanan see jiawen.. =P

aiyo.. get to bao her again so cute.. grown up le... love to see her smile... one dae i will feed u drink milk.. keke though i dunoe how too la.. but i can learn ma rite haha! went to buy dinner for our family.. mi desmund kailian... went to tampines 400+ buy haha.. n shan yi tio 4d again haha 500 ho seh ar haha..

hoho man u won 3 - 0 go go go man u go go go!!! haha.. hoping to see chelsea tml lose!!! praying* ;P

omg so fast sundae morning le sian at nitez gt to book in... y book out timing orwaes so fast pass de huh.. can ani one tell mi?? haha

ok la tml gt soccer goin to slp soon...
gd e nitez....


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