Friday, October 20, 2006

once again i dream of her

how can it be?? i dream of her again...??
i orwaes tell myselff is time to gif up.. is time to move forward....

was listening to tiu hou n my tears juz drop down... so ache.. but in the tears there's orwaes sweetness... serene... i dunoe wat u wan or wat u tinging.. i guess not mani ppl noe?? but i realli hope u r doin well wif ur work family n studies.. n im happy... in my room i still put the baby poster on my wall... rmb the 3 words below the baby?? ( thinking of you ) the baby veri cute..
after we patch up tt time.. i realli plan to stettle down wif u.. i wanted to haf baby wif u.. but y y all those u sae to me nw becum empty???

i noe i nv put in much effort to tis rs we had b4... i believe we cant be together animore.. sum how i believe in future u will find sumone beta... sorry i cant be the man to look after u down the road.. is realli a pity n regret for me... i cant be the guy u wan him to everytime stay at hm wif u.. canot ton outside without u tagging alone..

i miss lenelene alot.. miss her calling mi wu gui lian..
ger i miss u two lots...


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