Friday, October 20, 2006

fridae night?? arh!

kaoz.. damn boring fri nitez... todae reach hm ard 2pm?? went to keat hong camp n leave tt camp ard 12pm took mrt frm cck to mrt.. omg freaking long!!!!

went to desmund's hs haha cos wanan see jiawen.. haha get to baobao her again.. omg she smile at me... melts!!! haha she's juz so cute.. love her smell.. haha

after tt went hm n rot till nw haiz.. wat a nitez man... actually meeting mayi but nabei she dua mi haha...

chatted wif novy on the fone.. surprising she called me.. haha cos she was bored too by waiting for her bf to end work.. beta den me la kaoz.. haha she realli not paiseh wif mi one leh.. tok to mi like we so damn old frenz.. but gd gd i like.. lidat den can tok more... sorry i 4got ur bd haha.. but i din rmb u did told mi ur bd b4 leh.. haha okok so is nov 16.. blurblur de me... hahaha call mi korkor faster!!!! hahhaha....

watching me u dupree so boliao haiz... hope tml will be beta haha


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