Thursday, October 19, 2006

A niCe dReAn yEt a sAd dReaM

todae in camp i took a afternoon nap..

i had a dream..

dream of her.. the dream of about ( my company gt a chalet... den she's there too.. when i walk into the chalet kitchen i saw her washing plates all tis.. i ask her " hey hu ask u wash de, she replied sgt rahman" wow i so angry in the dream den i went to find my sgt n i fark him so jialat in the dream.. ani how kan him ask him y ask my gf wash plate.. )

den after tt i awake le.. haiz.. when i wake up i noe is a dream i smile... knowing tings not the same animore.. she's not the one for mi animore.. but i miss her.. at least in my dream i still see her.. thanks my dream god for letting mi meet her in my dream...

okok y am i out again?? haha cos nitez off again n tis time is till morning den book in...
book out at 6 reach hm ard 7+ went to vin's hs.. cos meeting him pa billiard... kaoz lose 6 round to him todae i ply like fark.. angry!!! nvm will jio u again haha i muz win back!!!
after finishing our billiards, we went to buy mac n went back to his hs again.. cos goin 445 wif mund... actually meeting ds n he took so long so mund decided not to wait for him cos he gt project to rush..
cham man.. later 530 gt to wake up n nw 1.30am liao!!!!

haha byebye go koon liao!!!


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