Sunday, October 15, 2006

venise wong jiawen one month hee

hoho... todae jiawen one month so vin they all invited lots of frenz over...
haha she's so cute n smell nice!!! first time baobao ta haha melts!!!!!
i oso wan one myself leh.. hu wan to help mi gif birth one baby for me??? hahahahahaha

ytd went fisher again.. once again hock treated us one jug of beer... thanks hock!!
well.. gt me, andrew, shirley, mund, kailian, daosong, ganni and beehian... haha andrew ytd not in a veri gd mood?? cos he drank alot... haha left the place ard 4 haha omg was tired.. andrew went to my hs to stay over haha he vomited till the cab door oso haf the uncle not happy!!! hahaha but he's heavy huh!!! nabei....

suddenly felt so lonely... how i hope to haf a company but no gers wan??? hahaha sad la...


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