Tuesday, September 26, 2006

does my feeling for her fade?

woke up ard 3+ in the noon.. as usual sign in to msn..

to my surprise saw her online... few mins after i sign in.. she msg me.. wif a simple ... n hello...
chat for awhile n she went mia again..

actually i din realli noe my feeling for her had fade?? erm.. i dun feel aniting when she msg but i was excited to see her reply.. so wat actually my feeling is now?? ani one can tell me??

im so confuse.. does my feeling realli fade?? i still ting of her.. but not as much as b4...

i was hurt when u leave mi when i nid u most... din realli noe the reason y u realli leave me..
till nw i still haven get the ans.. ???

but i ting i choose to leave u alone but wish to stay the friendship we had b4... =)


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