Monday, October 09, 2006

my surprise 21st bd party? keke

hoho my 21st bd celebration at chalet..
haha a great thanks to my sis!!! gave mi a big surprise by opening tis chalet for me...
haha at first sharon told mi adrain sat not free so wanan meet mi on fri to haf dinner...
den i sae ok.. meet her at downtowneast ard 7pm.. den adrian told mi go find his frenz first sae show face can liao.. at first i still dun wan but sharon sae pei her go la we stand outside...
den i ok loh i go... when inside the chalet.. they press the bell den when the door open.. i saw jie.. haha i noe was her idea liao the rest muz be inside... yeah im so happy n surprise though i dun show out keke... THANKS GUY!!!! haha

realli haf fun tt veri nitez... drink eat ply hahaha
im old le!!!!! ya wait actually i tot u will be there but im wrong din saw u tt veri nitez...
21 liao... haha can club liao :p

goin to ord soon 5 more months but tis year i still gt 19daes of off n leave muz clear by tis year haha song tt's like one month off haha!!!! faster ord ar!!! bth liao!!!


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