Sunday, September 24, 2006

haha i'm back after so long hee

aiyo... veri veri cham leh... so lazy to write nwadaes haha..

here i cum again... erm.. juz got back frm malaysia.. haha ytd went in to JB ard 10pm went to a pub which yaozhong mum's pub haha..

erm.. quite small n old inside.. but after all is fun n relaxing... keke
we slp in a hotel n woke up ard 12pm?? haha went to eat our lunch after tt took cab to city square to meet beehian.. haha

guess wat?? we went to watch movie... n it's oni 8rm which is ard 3+dollar kaoz!!! so cheap haha... if u at singapore watch one movie at there u can watch 3 time haha.. bth...

after our movie we went sum window shopping?? haha after tt went to haf our seafood!!! haha was so cheap cost oni 12bucks each of us?? haha

orh yaya.. u all noe wat haha... we took a jb car tt cost 30 sing dollar tt fetch us to our hm haha quite cheap huh... so heng dun nid to take bus 168 hahaha...

ok im tired.. gona haf a gd rest tonitez.. haha



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