Monday, September 04, 2006

sundae nitez

1.45am.. haha..

morning woke up at 830am lidat went to kick soccer haha.. damn it ds u dua us ar.. nv see u...
todae was earli end at ard 11am haha.. reach hm... online as usual... chat wif melis, beehian andrew.. haha den online till 5pm went to on aircon n lie down hu noes?? haha gone case... den ard 8pm hp keep ringing kaoz.. i awake open my eyes i jump out of my bed i tot wah how cum suddenly so dark.. cham i late for camp hahahaha scare me chey!!! my mama la keep calling me...

8.09pm.. u smsed me ( i felt so uneasy after seeing your msg ) serene wat u mean? u oso dun reply tell mi wat u mean... i can do nth but choose to gif up.. wo hen lei....
u r orwaes the ger hu i dun wish to see get hurt... but how long can i be there for u???

woke up le den went to munds hs haha.. go there do nth lie down rest... den 10pm mund fetch ahma n ahyi home.. after sending them hm we headed to 201 to buy my cigg... den went to 445 again!!! arh!!! once again 445 haha haha i disturb the kopi aunt haha.. veri funi she's juz like our godmum... nice lady will joke wif us oso haha... sit till nearly 12 we went off.. after ds n bh goes off. mund suddenly sae andrew not tired ar?? still eh tong ar.. eh andrew slp liao ar.. kaoz.. he all the wae tot andrew behind hahaha scare mi sia u knn

haha mon n tue off.. arh wed goin indo liao... sian bo....

tinging tml wanan do wat but the oni person i can find out to slag is bh?? hahaha
after my indo trip cum back wana take my bike licence n car de haha


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