Sunday, September 03, 2006

missing you

haha 3.34am.. omg later still hafing my soccer at changi same old place.. haha

afternoon went 201 to buy cigg haha after tt meet andrew at mund behind de busstop.. sit at void deck smoke haha.. so boliao as wat andrew keep complaining haha.. tinging wat to do la if not so bored haha in the end he went to my hs cos he wanan use com haha... meet beehian 9 at 445 haha same bo keep goin to 445 kaoz haha... mi ate char kuey teow beehian ate pork chop.. haha den went to take bus 18 to bedok cos goin ktv at chai chee haha!!! meet ds at bedok inter went to eat first cos he's hungry haha

funi rite andrew sae he at hm eat full full den cum out.. n he ate 3 bowl of rice ( nth surprising) but yet he called a 4buck mutton soup kaoz... u realli eat veri full huh

den frm inter walk to chai chee ktv haha.. shirley join us at ard 12+ kinda late... haha after tt headed back hm... knn called desmund ask him wan 445 he mai den i sae nvm i go hm when juz drop off frm cab waiting for lift he called mi.. haha den he cum my hs void deck smoke.. n end up nw im at his hs haha..

dunoe y todae so miss her.. msg her 3 time n i noe she wun reply.. but y did i still sms her??? am i stupid?? am i veri fan?? i dun wish too but wat can i do? i tot i haf 4get her but im wrong.. nw n den she's like a ghost, haunting mi in my mind.. i cant get u out of there!! will there be ani ger hu will fa pi qi at me.. sing an jing in sms to me... wo xi huan fa pi qi de ni, wo xi huan ke ai de ni, wo xi huan shen qi de ni, wo xi huan ni xi huan wo de ni.. wo hao xi huan ni...

wo hen lei.. wei se me ai shan ni de ren shi wo... wei se me wei se me wei se me!!!!


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