Thursday, August 31, 2006

same old shit

haha same old shit... juz back frm double 45? haha
cycle to eugene's hs at ard 9+ went to double 45 n wait for beehian... haha.. kinda boliao sit there watch channel 62 kaoz.. dunoe wat show oso.. haha
as usual call bangdong n drink haha beehian tei O~ haha
daosong reach at ard 11 haha but he din even sit for 1hr beehian sae tired so we went off le...

tml goin over to mund's there, cos ds sae wanan slack n relax haha.. fri nitez hafing bbq celebrate ken's bd haha.. yeah can go there swim huh haha

same old shit nw toking to beehian haha as usual... but was toking to melis oso haha..

bd cumming as usual tot tis year of mine can celebrate wif her.. but hu noes??
i noe im not a romanti nor swt guy but y muz i get so much hurt frm u after we
broke off... how i hope we can still be frenz still can tok sms call eachother sumtime meet up for dinner.. but seems like u r avoiding me... how we broke off nw is totally the same as last time.. realli totally the same..
i still pray for u hope wat ever tings u do goes smooth for ya..

haiz.. write so much u oso canot see... u oso dunoe...

miss ya is all i can sae...


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