Saturday, September 02, 2006

again at 445

im back.. so tired~~!!! went to daosong place tt kopitiam n haf dinner wif me, mund, daosong, andrew, weichong, yonghao, kenneth, tonghao, zhihao, vicki... den after tt headed to 445 to haf our beer?? but i din drink much juz one cup the most?? haha

wow frm dunoe wat time we sit till nearly 3am... haha ken's was abit drunk.. can see mund abit high.. but gani can realli drink huh!! kaoz... haha tok cock at there like wat gani is.. like to joke ard n makes everyone laugh haha.. damn joker bth!!! mi ate two roti prata... beehian join us at 445... wow 9 ppl sitting at one small table haha fun!!!

guess wat we saw?? omg a ger hu is abt 16 lidat wif big stomach haiz.. haha look cute.. small small size wif tt big stomach n the guy looks young too.. aiyo...

tonghao drive lorry fetch we all hm.. oni mi went back to my own hs the rest went to daosong hs haha they cont drinking at his hs siao bo!!! haha

todae the person cum my hs collect my dragon fish i name it greenie.. tis fish was wif mi for 4years.. juz nw tt person cum myhs collect as im not at hm i ask my mum let him in.. when juz nw i reach hm... looking at my fish tank empty my heart so ache.. i stand infront of the tank n stare at it.. no more greenie le.. wonder how is he nw... drop abit of tears when staring at the tank.. realli miss tis fish of mine.. sorry i gt my own personel reason to sell it.. is my fault realli sorry... hope tis fish can haf bigger tank to swim in it..
but the buyer still veri gd, he told my mum tt i can go up his hs anitime to view it..

greenie i miss u.... no more u swimming near to the tank near the window when i reach hm


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