Friday, September 01, 2006

relaxing dae

2.44am over at mund's place... haha as usual doin nth juz eatten mac haha kaoz here wan eat oso hard... haha

juz nw went back to camp again kaoz.. went back 2 time todae haiz.. bobian last min gt to pack stuff again haha den after tt took mrt to bb n cum over here... went to swim once i reach haha.. healthy life style yeah?? haha hu sae!! we even smoke in the pool kaoz.. hahaha

ger wanted to sms u ask u how r u but dun haf the courage... wanted to ask u out for dinner tis wkend but i noe u wun wan.. i miss u.. am i still waiting for ur return?? ur so firm nw nv sms mi dun even reply my msg.. how haf u been??? fine?? hope eveyting went smooth for ya... i noe u prefer to haf ur time wif ah b... did i ever cross ur mind tis few wks??

both of us dun meant to be together..

wo xiang ni hao xiang ni...


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